Unclaimed Jackpots – Are You A Winner?

Usually, winners of the lottery cannot wait to get their hands on the jackpots they have dreamed of for so long. Like the recent big Euromillions winners, Adrian and Gillian Bayford, often people come forward within several days of their win – usually after allowing just enough time for the news to sink in. However, some people need longer to come to terms with their new found wealth, such as the man who won AUD$1.2 million on the Australian Wednesday Lotto in 2009. He did not claim his prize for six months, as he said he felt he wasn’t “emotionally ready” to collect his prize until that point. Conversely, some people just do not check their tickets. Whatever the reason, this can leave lottery operators with a big unclaimed prize fund.

Currently, the biggest unclaimed prize outstanding in the UK is the Euromillions jackpot from 8th June 2012. A staggering £63,837,543 is waiting for one lucky player somewhere, who may be going about their day to day life with the winning ticket just sat in a drawer, on a dresser, or stuck to the refrigerator. This draw yielded two jackpot winners, one from Belgium, who has already claimed their share, and one from the UK, who is owed the outstanding share. All we can say is that the ticket was bought in the Stevenage and Hitchin area, and the winning numbers were 5, 11, 22, 34, 40 with Lucky Stars of 9 and 10. The winner has until 5th December 2012 to claim their prize.

As well as that huge jackpot prize, there are a number of Millionaire Raffle prizes also unclaimed. Players often forget to check the bottom of their Euromillions tickets for the raffle code, which can sometimes lead to delays in claims being made. Remember, the two games are separate, so it is possible to win on both. For example, if you have matched two numbers on Euromillions, it does not mean you could not have won the Millionaire Raffle too!

So wherever you are, dig out your old tickets now, or check your emails if you bought the tickets online and use our handy Results Checker to make sure that you are not a millionaire without realising it!

Written by Lucy Lotto

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